Havi i Jeni

Hello there!
We are Havier and Jeny, and this is our testimony.
I, Havier, for many years I was addicted to drugs. I lost everything I was gained and I was
treasured in my life. I lost my friends, my job, and I lost respect from the people , for whom I
cared about. Suddenly, I found myself alone with many problems. I even had had troubles
with the authorities. I remember one day the police men gave my mother a brochure of Betel
and she gave it to me. I decided to call and learn more about it. Not long after, I was already
in one of Bethel houses in Madrid. Living there, my life was changed completely. I was
listening to the stories of other people who already have changed their lives. I started to read
the Bible and God have reached my heart and caught my hand. I began to see how my life
started to change, day after day. I entered in Betel without anything and now I have
everything that I needed, and even more. God have turned everything around for me and made
me a new person. I have never loved anyone, I wasn’t married until then but God decided to
make me a present. I got to know Jeny and about a year after we got married.
I am Jeny, and this is my story.
I fall into the world of drugs and I got lost. After many years of using and many attempts to
stop using, I have reached desperation. I decided to try one last time to search for help for my
problem and that’s how I ended in Betel Spain. It was the first time in my life that I’ve seen
such a place. I observed a difference in the behavior of the people who lived in the
community. They were polite, always smiling, talking words with love, and with attention and
respect, they’ve listened to my mine and other people stories. I don’t know where this came
from or what more they’ve got but I wanted it for myself, too. They surrounded me with love
and caring, and they were talking about God. I admired them and so I started to emulate them.
When I took the Bible and started to reading it, that’s when I began to change. I took God’s
hand and never let it go. Time goes by and my life turned into a fairy tale. After four years
I’ve spend in Betel, I got to know Havier. A year after that, we got married.
Now we’re a happily married couple and we’re dedicated to serve Lord. We want to thank
God for everything He has done for us now and for the future, as we speak for Him, helping
people in need, and reach our hands to catch the ones that fell in the horrible world of drugs.
In December 2015, Betel Madrid sent us to Betel Bulgaria, where we continue God’s will.
We hope that we can be useful to the people here and to help expand the community which is
God’s home and everyone is welcome to come join in it.

Havi i Jeni

10255817_10201843991597579_4866508281977985575_oHello, my name is  Ivaylo . I am 34 years old and this is my story in short.

Since 9th grade I began to use alcohol and marijuana. A few years later I started trying harder drugs and pills. After ten years of use I realized that I had no friends, and even my parents gave up on me.

I lost everything …

Then I came to Bethel and realized that there was another way I could live. For four years I’ve been living in this center, which also became my home. Thanks to my wife, the people around me,  and especially God, I am a different person now.

Once I believed in God, He gave back everything I lost and even more. Now, moving  forward by faith, I fight and  am determined to help  all those that are trapped in addictions. „