„Festival of Hope“ in the town of Nessebar


„Festival of Hope“ in the town of Nessebar

„Prevention of addictions“ in the City of Gabrovo

„Betel“ organized „Preventing addiction“ in the city of Gabrovo. Two of the boys from the Sheltered home had the opportunity and the privilege to participate and tell their stories to the students in Aprilov High School and the Math High School – Gabrovo.

Participation in the „Festival of Hope“ in the town of Nessebar, took Diana Recha (Director of Bethel), Peter and  (from the Sheltered home in  the  village of Vladimir) and Mladen (who  successfully passed the program of Bethel). There they were able to tell the attendants of the festival what it is Bethel and to show our calendars, magazines, books and other materials.




„Prevention of addictions“ in the City of Gabrovo


„Prevention of addictions“ in the City of Gabrovo

Association Bethel Bulgaria received an invitation from the Regional Drugs Center in the City of Gabrovo and personally from Mrs. Gabriela Yosifova. We organized this prevention  event in order to be able once again to talk to young people /aged between 14-18 years/, about the damages and the destruction that are caused by Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances. After the first meeting, we organized a special meeting with parents. We talked on „A detached generation“ and how parents can protect their children from similar problems.

And here you can see some pictures of that prevention:


Birthday of „Bethel Bulgaria“


Birthday of „Bethel Bulgaria“

„Bethel Bulgaria“ celebrated its 10th anniversary. The event was marked by the closest people, friends, and mothers of Bethel. Our guests were Pastor Emmanuel Bozov and Marian – Pastor of the church „God’s peace.“ Bethel Bulgaria expressed its gratitude for the support and prayers of our families and friends, and all the Bethel centers worldwide.


Bethel family


Rodolfo Garza in Bulgaria


The pastor of Bible Institute in Mexico – Rodolfo Garza, his wife Adriana, and four children from their school, were our guests. For two days we had special meetings with parents of dependents in the office of the foundation and a visit to our sheltered home in village of Vladimir. The students stayed for two weeks to help as volunteers.

Rodolfo Garza is a powerful tool and had a word, given to him only from God. We are grateful for this opportunity that we and all who joined us, we were able to live together.

Below you can read more about Rodolfo, his mission and who he really is.

Rodolfo Garza, his wife Adriana, and their three children went to Japan as missionaries in 1997. They lived there for ten years, and attended a church near them in Sapporo, where they later founded a Bible school „Christ for the Nations .“ They returned to his hometown and for several years lived in Monterrey, Mexico, and were pastors of the fastest growing community called „Amistad de Monterrey“, as well as a Bible school „Epicentro“.


Bethel family


Guests of Bethel Bulgaria

20.10 – 24.10.2014 г.

From 20.10 to 24.10.2014, the guests of Bethel Bulgaria will be:

Javier Gonzales ( Javier Gonzalez ) – senior pastor in the Central church of Betel International in Madrid, Spain ; musician and worship leader ; longtime expert in working with addicts of intoxicating substances.

Hilario Garcia (Garcia Hilario) – the director and senior pastor of Betel – Seville, Spain. He is a long time expert in working with addicts.

Julio Sobrao (Julio Sobrao ) – leader of the men’s house in Mejorada del campo, Madrid , Spain.



Forthcoming conference on the opening

22.12.2014 г.

By winning a project by the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 Bethel Foundation invites you to the forthcoming conference on the opening of the project on 12.22.2014, which will be held from 18:00PM in the office hall of Bethel.

From here you can download the invitation: DOWNLOAD INVITATION


Виж адреса на картата:

Briefing – meeting

03.04.2015 г.

Briefing – meeting provided a new successful project „Taking Care of marginal individuals – homeless people and youths over 18 years in Sheltered Housing “ Bethel „, funded  by “ Social Protection „at the Ministry of Culture.

The meeting will be held in the hall provided by the municipality of the town of Radomir  at 11:00 AM.


Public debate on the issues of discrimination

29.04.2015 г.

The „Betel Bulgaria“ organized a Public debate on the issues of discrimination, the rights and problems of addicts and their families on 29/04/2015, 10:30 AM in the Youth Cultural and Information Centre in Montana.

The event is part of Project № BG 05/980 „By learning and practicing democratic values, rights and ethics of marginal groups – persons with addictions – to change public attitudes towards them“ and is funded under the program to support NGOs in Bulgaria under the Financial mechanism of the European economic Area the 2009-2014 / www.ngogrants.bg/.


Round table on improving the funding of organizations

21.07.2015 г.

From 10:00 it will be held a round table on improving the funding of organizations that are effective at preventing drug addiction in Bulgaria. A full use and allocation of funds according to Article 53 of the Health Law.

PLACE: Centre for Culture and Debate Red House,  “ Karavelov “ 15 Str, 1142 Sofia

Please take a look at the site for the location. http://www.redhouse-sofia.org/


For a round table on improving the funding of organizations that are active and effective in the prevention of drug addiction in Bulgaria and clarity , transparency about the spending and allocation of funds according to Article 53 of the Health Law .

Organizer :  Foundation “ Betel Bulgaria “

  • 09: 45 Registration of participants
  • Moderator: Penka Georgieva, Chair of Patients’ Organizations „Together with you“
  • 10: 00- Opening -Hose Remesal , General Manager of the “ Betel Bulgaria „
  • 10:15 – Report of analyzes and studies on the status of funds for the period 2006-2014 years – Ivan Georgiev , a lawyer from Foundation “ Bulgarian Center for Non-Profit Law „
  • 10: 45 Discussion on
  • 11: 15 Coffee -pause
  • 11: 40 Presentation of the „Bethel Bulgaria “ prevention of drug addiction – Diana Remesal , the Director of „Betel Bulgaria“
  • 12: 00- Presentation of MDC’s Blagoevgrad
  • 12:20 – Proposals for streamlining the mechanism for financing and efficient use of funds from organizations working in the sector in the prevention of drug dependence. Discussion. Formation of proposals and drawing up a common platform.
  • 13: 00- Closing of the Round Table.


Dedicated to helping individuals suffering from addictions as well as their families

15.10.2015 г.

Seminar „Dedicated to helping individuals suffering from addictions as well as their families“

It will be held on October 15 in Hall 3 of the Cultural Center “ Krasno Selo “ , bul. Tsar Boris III „№41,1612 Sofia

The seminar was held under the project BG05 / 1353 “ Open Doors for intercultural exchange and volunteering between rehabilitants  of protected housing “ Bethel “ in Bulgaria and Spain and is funded under the program to support NGOs in Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014 “

The invitation can be downloaded here.