What is Betel?





„Bethel “ is an International Christian Association for assistance to persons suffering from any addiction . It was founded in 1985 and is registered in the public interest. The headquarters is in Madrid, Spain. “ Bethel “ is founded by missionaries of WEC International, international missionary organization and is a member of ISAAC / International Coalition for aid dependent on any substances.

The purpose of „Bethel “ is to reach the most deprived , marginalized addicts. To awaken in them the instincts of self-preservation, a desire for a fulfilment in life and build a strong value system. To reconnect with their families, get back into society and building creative personalities. Because they are able! Most of them are intelligent and talented young people of reproductive age. They just need some help to explore the talents in themselves and develop them.

We have started by creating homes for addict’s retraction from the streets for dependent young people and anyone who wishes to seek help. Taking care for them and meeting their everyday needs happens in a different friendly environment- without drugs, alcohol, and violence- in an atmosphere of ease, acceptance, and support.

The director of „BETEL INTERNATIONAL“ Elliot Tepper, is a Doctor of Economic Sciences and a professor at Harvard University, USA. His duties there do not hinder him to successfully manage such a powerful international organization as „Bethel „. Many of the volunteers are his colleagues, students, or professors at prestigious universities like Harvard, Oxford, Yale, Madrid and others.

Co-director, Lindsay McKenzie, a sociologist from Australia, is always at the hottest spots in the world and supports the work of our centers.

Some of the principles of „Bethel “ are Christian compassion, empathy, and love towards the rejected and desperate people of the society. Volunteers show operational work of Christian values and morals. They become a personal example for those submitted to them, who often are without families or without fathers, mothers. People that come to join the program so far have been pimps, drug dealers, ex-prisoners, etc.

Governments and relevant bodies of municipal and state power to most of the countries where there are centers of „Bethel “ are familiar with our practice, and consider the effect and benefits to the society, strongly supporting the work of the centers in their countries. Results like reduction of the number of the homeless and addicts, reduction of criminal activities, regaining the families of former addicts and returning of hundreds of useful and creative young people in the society, are really present after the work of our organization.